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Conditions and Rules

(1) Organiser and eligibility

1. The Natural Signature "Colors of Our Country" ("the Campaign") is organized by Natural Signature Sdn Bhd ("the Organiser").

2. The Campaign is only open to all Malaysian citizens who live in Malaysia and are over 18 years of age from 1 August - 30 September 2023 except thosementioned in paragraph 1.3.

3. The following persons are not eligible to participate:-

(I)Employees of the Organiser (including prospective employees and/or related companies) and their immediate family members (children
, parents, siblings and their spouses); and/or

(II)Representatives, employees, and/or advertising agencies and/or promotion service coordinators (including prospective employees
and/or related companies)of the Organiser and their immediate family members(children, parents,siblings, and their spouses).

(2) Period

1. The Campaign will start at 12:00 pm on 1 August 2023, and will last until 11:59pm on 30 September 2023 ("the Period"). The Organiser reserves theright to change or extend the Period at any time without prior notice to anyparty. Unless otherwise specified by the Organiser, participation in thisCampaign must comply with the conditions and rules that are continuously valid.Those who participate beyond the Period will automatically be disqualified.

(3) Entry method

1. Eligible participants who want to participate in the Campaign must perform the following steps:-

a) PURCHASE NaturalSignature’s Wooden Plaque OR DIY Wall Art Plaque. Full donation will beprovided to support the charity event, Konsert Malam Budaya Malaysia. Charity sale lasts until 16 September 2023 only. (Delivery for online purchase may take up to 3 - 7 working days depending on the courier service.)

b) DRAW and paint on theWooden or Art Plaque based on the theme: Colors of Our Country with your owncreativity. You can also transform recycled waste such as paper, cardboard,wood, glass, plastics, metals, sand and rubber into works of art.

c) SUBMIT your artwork by sending in a clear and hi-res photo via Natural Signature’s Facebook OR Instagram Message and provide basic details such as Name and Contact Number. Each candidate may submit as many artworks as they like, whether individual pieces or connected group pieces.

d) LIKE Natural Signature’s Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/naturalsignaturemy) OR FOLLOW Natural Signature’s Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/naturalsignaturemy/) to ensure you don’t miss out the shortlisted candidates, voting period and final winners announcement.

(4) How to win and the prizes ofthe Campaign

1. 9x Candidates of the Campaign will be selected by the Organiser for the Voting stage. All 9x short listed Candidates will be announced on 10 October 2023. Top 9x Candidates will receive a personal message in Facebook or Instagram from the Organiser.

2. The artworks of Top 9x Candidates will be featured in Natural Signature’s Facebook and Instagram Feed for voting based on the most accumulated likes.

3. If the selected Candidate did not reply to the Organiser within a 3 working days period, the Organiser reserves the right to disqualify them and replacethem with another Candidate.

If the organiser discovers that the artwork is AI-generated, the organizer reserves the right to disqualify the candidates.

5. The Voting period takes place from 10 October - 31 October 2023. Each selected Candidates artwork will be labeled with a number and name respectively.

6. Campaign prizes as follow:

(I) 1x Grand Prize: Natural Signature’s E-Voucher worth up to RM5,000 with FREE consultation and furniture layout planning.

(II) 8x Consolation Prizes: Natural Signature’s E-Voucher worth up to RM500 withFREE consultation and furniture layout planning.

(III) 20x Voters: Natural Signature’s E-Voucher worth up to RM50 with FREE consultation and furniture layout planning.

7. The winners of the Campaign will be announced by 6 November 2023 through the following methods:-

(I) Official Facebook

(II) Official Instagram page

8. All winners must send their personal details which includes Name (as per IC), IC Number (for verification purpose) and Mobile Number via Facebook or Instagram message. Winners must meet the following rule:-

(I)Winners must contact the Organiser within 5 working days of receiving the announcement notification, and the winners will 
be invalidated after the deadline.

9. All prizes awarded cannot be substituted for other prizes. The prizes cannotbe monetized or sold to receive credit or other items (whether partial or fully), and cannot be transferred to others.

10. The Organiser has the right to adjust the prices of the products for unlimited times during the exchange period without prior notice.

11. Qualified participants and/or all winners who are injured, involved in claimsor having their prizes damaged when using the relevant prizes and/or whenreceiving the prizes of the Campaign must take full responsibility forthemselves. All transportation, accommodation, personal expenses, and/or otherexpenses and/or expenses involved in participating in the Campaign and/orexpenses required for redemption of the prizes must be borne by the qualifiedparticipants and winners.

12. If anyone is found to have tampered with the entry method and/or the process ofthe Campaign, or has violated the Campaign’s conditions and rules ordeliberately violated the law, the Organiser has the absolute right todisqualify them from participating in the Campaign.

13. The Organiser's decision on the selected winners is the final decision, and thewinner has already been secured. Any correspondence or objection will not beaccepted.

(5) Duties and responsibilities

1. The Organiser, related companies or their affiliated companies, their agentsand their companies related to this Campaign will not accept any obligationsarising from the participation of the Campaign, and will not be liable for thelosses arising from the Campaign itself, redemption of the prizes or the usageof the prizes (including unlimited loss, indirect loss, specific loss or lossof profit caused by a certain result), consumption, damage, personal injury, ordeath (no matter it is caused by personal negligence or not), except for allobligations that cannot be avoided by law(the relevant obligations are legallyapproved to the minimum).

2. All qualified participants participating in the Campaign agree to maintain,bear the loss and ensure that the Organiser is free from fines, claims, losses,damages and expenses for fouling, including the assumption of reasonablepayment of lawyer fee that may be caused by the Campaign.


(6) The rights of the Organiser

1. All personal details and photos submitted by winners will belong to theOrganiser. Qualified participants have no right to claim, use or use them forany other purposes at any time or in any way. After participating in theCampaign, each winner must agree to the Organiser to publish and/or use thenames and/or photos of the qualified participants and/or all winners withoutpaying any fees or without prior notice for advertising and/or promotionalpurposes. Qualified participants have no right to claim or retrieve therelevant items by other means.

2. Every qualified participant who participates in this Campaign is deemed to haveread, understood and fully agreed with all the conditions and rules of theCampaign (including when they may be changed). The Organiser has the right tomodify the conditions and rules of the Campaign due to legal, technical orcommercial needs, and all modified conditions and rules will take effect oncethey are published on social media. Please read these conditions and rulescarefully at any time to understand whether they have been modified or not.

3. Once the Campaign cannot be carried out as scheduled due to technical or damageissues including but not limited to computer viruses, loopholes, interference,unauthorized intervention, fraud, technical failure, or the inevitability evenif the Organiser has tried its best to defend but still outside its control,the Organiser reserves the right to modify, revoke or cancel the Campaign.

4. Any conditions and rules adopted in this Campaign, once illegal, rejected orunable to be enforced under the law or regulations, will not be implementedagain (without affecting the validity of other terms).

5. Every qualified participant who participates in the Campaign has agreed to readand understand the conditions and rules.

6. The conditions and rules listed here are governed by and interpreted inaccordance with the laws of Malaysia.

(7) Personal Data Protection Actof 2010 ("PDPA")

1. All winners participating in the Campaign agree to the Organiser's use of theirpersonal data to run the Campaign and use it in any form or through any mediumfor any promotion Campaign of the Campaign.

2. The following are all winners' confirmation that they have received the PDPAnotice issued by the Organiser:

Notice of the Personal DataProtection Act 2010

ThePersonal Data Protection Act 2010 (hereinafter referred to as "PDPA")in the process of monitoring personal data in commercial transactions appliesto Natural Signature Sdn Bhd (hereinafter referred to as "NS","we") as data users. The purpose of this written notice is to explainthat the terms "personal data'' and "processing" are consistentwith the provisions in the PDPA.

1. This written notice ("Notice") issued by us is intended to inform youthat your personal data is being processed by NS or its representatives.

2. We are processing personal data, including name, IC number, phone number,address, occupation, email, bank account information and other informationabout you. That is, the information provided by you provides theabove-mentioned personal information from the documents stated in paragraph4 ofthis notice or any other relevant details.

3. We are processing your personal data (including additional details that you mayattach later) for the following purposes("Purpose"):

(A)Operation of the above-mentioned Campaign matters;

(B)Announce or publicize the list of winners of the above-mentioned Campaign;

(C)Any marketing or publicity activities of NS, regardless of whether it isrelated to the above-mentioned Campaign or other purposes related to theforegoing matters.

4. The personal information you let us process includes all the information in thedocuments obtained from you and/or provided to us and/or other informationabout you that we obtained from all the application/registration forms that youmust complete, dialogue with you or through written forms.

5. You can access and apply for a change of your personal information. If you haveany questions or complaints about this personal formation, please contact usaccording to the following format:

Contactperson: the administrative personnel of "Colors of Our Country"Campaign.

Email: customerservice@naturalsignature.com

6. According to PDPA regulations, we have the right to refuse to let you interveneor change your personal information. If we refuse your request, we will notifyyou and give the reasons for our refusal.

7. Your personal information may be disclosed to NS's subsidiaries or relatedcompanies, any government and/or semi-official departments and/or institutions,regulatory and/or statutory organizations (if they require), our auditors, ourbanks, business partners and/or service providers and you request or authorizeus to disclose your personal information to other third parties for the abovepurposes, or for other purposes such as when collecting the data, or otherpurposes directly related to the above purposes.

8. Your personal data may be transferred to regions outside of Malaysia.

9. You must be responsible for the personal information you provide to us andensure that they are correct, complete, free of confusion and up to date.

10. If you are unable to provide us with the above-mentioned personal data, we maynot be able to process your personal data for use in applications related tous, and we may not review your application.